Lulu’s Restaurant

Bold and stimulating, this refers to not only the menu but the space itself.

With plush booths, scenic views and exciting flavours complimented by unique wines and fun cocktails.

For reservations, please call us on +358 50 5203724 or click here.

Special notes for the Latitude25 Omakase guests

Please note, that Omakase set is based on a fresh catch of seasonal seafood (including raw seafood and some shellfish) and some of the dishes may contain rice and soybeans. Unfortunately, it can not be adjusted by vegetarian or vegan requests.

All vegetarian and vegan wishes can be met by the Lulu’s plant-based menu, but it’s not the same as Omakase.

To create the magical atmosphere of Omakase, we kindly ask you to put your gadgets in a silent mood.

And maybe you can skip your perfume just for one night to help us discover all umami tastes.